Hello everyone! I’m starting this blog mostly to share recipes with family and friends. I’m always busy with a food project, and this way I can document my adventures. I’ll try my best to show everyone that preserving food is easier and more fun than you think it is. I love to have home canned goodies for personal use and for gifts.

I often get gifted with fruits and veggies, so preserving makes sense. Making something delicious out of what would normally go to waste is wonderful.

I’ll occasionally share tips for saving money and shopping for food and meals in addition to preserving. It’s all part of the urban homestead. I’m all for eating healthy food that is actually made at home. It’s cheaper, and its delicious. I also make an effort to make things at home that would
not be found in stores. It really is amazing what a little chutney will do to a meal.

I hope to see you again soon!



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  1. Pam

    Hi Terra..This is wonderful! I am so excited to start canning again. I am now retired and hope to have time for this kind of activity. I am glad you started this blog! I will send photos of my projects. See you in September.

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