Strawberry jam

Strawberry jam screams summer for me. It’s the first taste we have here in southern California. Good strawberries roll in at the beginning of June and are just finishing up by the end of July. Short, but sweet.

Since strawberries are so fleeting, and the jam seems to be an all around favorite, I try and make a big batch every year. This batch made 6 jars. Not enough for me, but at least enough to share a few. I’ll keep enough for yogurt for myself and Luke to eat straight from the jar, though.


3 1/2 pounds strawberries, trimmed and halved. (Final weight, after trimming.)
4 cups sugar
Juice of one lemon

Simple! Follow the regular canning directions and cook it up.

Here’s a link in case you need help.

It should take about 30 minutes to cook. Start at a medium-high heat and boil till the foam subsides. After about 30 minutes, it should start to darken, thicken and reduce.

I usually wait till all the strawberries are soft and turn a bit dark, and give them a good mashing with the potato masher. It should look like thus when it is almost finished:


Can it up and save some summer for later in the year. It will make your kitchen smell so good. So worth it.




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2 responses to “Strawberry jam

  1. Pam

    Do you know of a low sugar recipe?

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