Spiced tomato jam

The food donation we got this week has 1 1/2 packages of baby heirloom tomatoes that needed a purpose. We have plenty of homegrown tomatoes to eat fresh, so these were free to cook. Tomato jam has been going around the blog world in the last couple of years, and it always sounded good.


So, I added some chilis that were on their away out and an onion, and some sugar. Later I added some red wine vinegar and comin seeds when I decided this was almost a chutney, but not quite. It’s definitely a jam, but good for savory pairings. I’m looking forward to trying this with a grilled cheese. Or, use it like ketchup.



1 1/2 pounds baby heirloom tomatoes, halved.

3 cups sugar

1 sweet onion

About 10 chilis, I used a combo of mild jalepenos and habaneros. Feel free to sub bell peppers or mix up the chilis.

Pinch salt

Juice of one lemon. Boil with jam and remove before canning.

Tsp cumin seeds

1/4 cup red wine vinegar

I chopped up the onion, peppers and tomatoes and mixed with the sugar and lemon and mascerated over night. This step is optional. Then, add to canning pot and bring to a boil. Add cumin seeds, vinegar, salt and simmer on medium till cooked through. Onions will be translucent and it will be thick and jammy.

Follow canning drill and eat up. This made one half pint and three 4 oz jars. 


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One response to “Spiced tomato jam

  1. Mom

    that sounds so good! I hope I get to sample it one of these days.

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