Fig jam

Well, I guess fig season is in full swing. I collected about 4 pounds with the help of Tamara and Brittany, my cousins. And, Trader Joe decided to throw away almost an entire garbage bag of both green and black figs. So, jam it would be. Fortunately, I love fig jam.

I actually made 3 batches this weekend, one with some sour ale that accidentally got shoved to the back of the fridge. The beer flavor compliments the fig flavor well. I have 2 more batches on the counter, one green fig with white balsamic and one black fig with regular balsamic. Should be lovely. Here’s the recipe.

4 pounds figs, chopped
4 cups sugar
2 lemons, squeezed

I mascerated this overnight with all the ingredients, and it worked really well. It cooked down pretty quickly, and so pretty!


Cook for maybe 30 minutes, till thickened. Can them up and enjoy!



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