Pineapple habanero

So, of all the jam in all the world, pineapple habanero turns out to be my most popular jam. I’m really surprised that so many people like to spread really spicy things on their toast. Or maybe they are doing something else with it? I’m really not sure. I can envision eating it as a sort of chutney, though. Here’s the recipe:

Large batch, about 9 jars. It’s pretty spicy!


6 pounds pineapple
6 cups sugar
Pinch sea salt
Habanero, to taste. I used 4 cut in half and a teaspoon or so of some dried powder.
And, 2 cups of water

I mascerated everything overnight. This jam cooks a little linger than mist jam I make, because you really want the pineapple to be cooked through. It took me a little over an hour of simmering over medium heat to make this happen. Then I mashed it all up, and cooked at high heat till the syrup set up, maybe 10 more minutes. You should be able to run your spatula over the bottom of the pan and see.the path for a bit before the jam fills it back in.

Then, fill the jars and process in a boiling water bath canner for 10 minutes.



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