Clean out the freezer jam

So, at Lukes insistence, I put some of our donated fruit in the freezer a few months back. For some reason, he doesn’t want all the fruit in the house to end up made into jam. Weird. After a valiant attempt at using all the frozen fruit in smoothies, we still had 2 bags of strawberries, a bag of watermelon, and the last of some frozen cherries I bought earlier in the year.
So, I decided to attempt making jam from frozen fruit. It turned out well! I ended up with strawberry watermelon and strawberry cherry. Luke swears the former smells just like jolly ranchers.


I took all the fruit out of the freezer the night before I made the jam. Then, I was a little scared of freezer burn, so I rinsed the fruit too, and let drain for a few.

Then I cooked up two batches like normal, and I couldn’t even tell the fruit had been frozen in the final product. Yum. And bonus, the freezer is all cleaned out. I used a touch more sugar here because of the frozen fruit. Here’s the recipes.

Each batch, about 3 pounds of fruit, rinsed and drained.

4 cups sugar

Juice of 2 lemons

And, I’ve been adding a pinch of nice sea salt to most of my jam lately. It’s optional.

Cook for 30 minutes or so until set, and process 10 minutes in a boiling water bath. Made about 5 jars per batch.


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